Porsche 911 RSR '73 Type Body Kit

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This body kit from GT Racing includes all of the basic parts you will need to convert a 1973 or erlier 911 to a 1973 RSR. You can use your existing early "Long Hood" as an option to buying the GT Racing Hood. Pictures are shown with an IROC Whale Tail and this kit consists of a duck Tail. This kit comes with GT Racing Part #2, 35-Tll (Driver and Passenger), 14, 27 (Driver and passenger), 21, 4 and 8. Other parts to consider: Lexan Windows, Flush Frames (For Windows), Sun Roof, Roof Skin, Race Doors, Door Hinges, Mirrors, Decals, Dash, Headers/Pipes etc. Please call us at 800-797-2911 or use the "Contact us" tab on the web site for more information or with questions. Or see our PDF on the Info/Body Kits tab on the web site.