Q: How does fender flare size relate to wheel size?

A: Basically: A 9″ flare allows you to use a 9″ wide wheel rim. 11″ allows you to use an 11″ wide wheel rim.

Q: What size fenders were on the ’73 911 RS?

A: The ’73 911 RS had stock fenders in front with 9″ in the rear.

Q: What size fenders were on the ’73 911 RSR?

A: The ’73 911 RSR had 9″ fenders in front with 11″ in the rear.

Q: What size fenders were on the 911 ST?

A: The 911 ST had 9″ flares front and rear.

Q: What size fenders were on the 911 TURBO?

A: The 911 TURBO had 9″ flares in front with 11″ in the rear.

Q: What are the RSR IROC cars?

A: In 1974, the RSR/IROC or short hooded cars, were delivered for the International Race of Champions with 9″ flares on the front and 11″ flares in the rear and equipped with duck tails. (See RSR IROC section of web site). However, the duck tails were replaced in that event by the newly invented 53″ wide whale tail.

Q: Do I have to cut off my old quarter panels when I put on wide quarters or flares?

A: Yes! Otherwise you will have to run the same narrow tire underneath.

Q: What body will accept 993 body panels?

A: Any 911 or 964 will work.

Q: With GT Racing hoods, can you use the stock latch, struts, and hinges?

A: Yes, but the struts work best on GT Racing hoods when they are older tired ones because a new strut is made to lift a heavy steel hood and a GT Racing hood is much lighter. As for the latch, you need to take the front closing latch off your original hood and attach it to your new lightweight hood. Then it will open and close as normal.

Q: How do I mount the flush window frame?

A: You may glue it in with high quality automotive adhesives or you can attach it with sheet metal screws.

Q: How does the window mount to the flush window frame?

A: You can attach the window with flathead fasteners. Counter sink the fasteners so that they are flush with the window. (Part #55 for #50, part #56 for #51, part #57 for #52.)

Q: Mounting glass or Polycarbonate window in the original rubber?

A: Mounting a glass or poly window with the original rubber seal must have the aluminum insert strip in it. The aluminum insert squeezes the rubber, Which squeezes the glass or polycarbonate in place. If you do not use the aluminum insert, the window will be too loose and it is very possible it will fly out.

Q: Are all the windows the same size?

A: No. The opening in the tub of the car is the same on all 911′s, through 993 models. However, the rubber gasket is different starting with the 964. The rubber gasket (964) is smaller, so the front windshield is a bit larger. You can put an early window in a later Porsche or vice versa, just use the appropriate rubber gasket. Or, use a GT Racing flush frame