996/986 Stock Type Fenders With Early Lights Filled, pair Part# 620L

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These are GT Racing's early style ultra light-weight "Race Only" fenders for the 996/986 Boxster. They are direct bolt on and we have deleted the head light cassette insert installed in the fenders to further reduce weight. We also added the headlight covers in to this trick race fender. This allows a super slippery fender/light combination while reducing allot of weight from your 996 or Boxster race car. Weight is 4.9LBS/E including the fender and headlight cover. Stock steel fenders weigh 12LBs/E and stock lights weigh 6LBs/E. A total weight savings of 13LBs each side! And this weight is hanging over the wheels! Fenders are priced and sold in pairs.