Porsche 996 Parts

996 Parts

  • Porsche 911 Door Latch Kit

    Door Latch Part# 20A

    This is the ultimate replacement door latching mechanism for the weight conscience Porsche owner. While designed to be used with aftermarket type doors in race cars they can also be used with modified stock doors. This kit was originally designed for the...

  • Porsche Hood/Deck Lid Pins Part# 26A

    Porsche Hood/Deck Lid Pins Part# 26A

    These high quality hood/deck lid pins utilize a single action latching and unlatching clevis pin mechanism made from Stainless steel. The Pin measure 7/16" in diameter and 4 1/2" from bottom to pin opening. Sold and priced in pairs.

  • Kevlar/Composite Splitter built to fit most flat bottom bumpers

    911 Splitter Part# 44C

    This high quality GT Racing splitter is by far our most popular splitter and is designed as a generic type. It is manufactured from a Kevlar composite which is extremely strong and tear resistant yet is somewhat flexible so it can handle a punishment. It...

  • Factory style polycarbonate front windshield

    996 Front Windshield Part# 60-996

    This stock high quality replacement type 996 Windshield is made from lightweight 1/4" heat formed Polycarbonate. It comes with standard black edge, is mar resistant and has an anti-fog coating. Average weight: 16 lbs.

  • 996 door window installed on customer race car

    996 Door Window Part# 62A-996

    These Door Windows are made from 1/8" thick polycarbonate and is a direct replacement for the 996 door window. They are priced and sold in pairs.

  • 996 lightweight polycarbonate quarter windows

    996 Quarter Windows Part# 62C-996

    These quarter windows are made from lightweight 1/8" thick clear polycarbonate. They are direct replacements for the 996 and fit in original frame/rubber. Quarter windows sold in pairs.

  • lightweight polycarbonate windows with sliders

    996 Door Slider Windows Part# 62G-996

    Built with the racer in mind, these slider windows are constructed from 1/8" thick clear polycarbonate and allow you to have a window for good air/rain resistance yet also allow you to slide it open when needed. They are modeled after the old...

  • Porsche 996 or 996 Cup quarter windows with NACA ducts

    996 Quarter Windows With NACA Part# 66N-996

    These 1/8" thick clear Polycarbonate quarter windows are direct replacements for the 996 or 996 CUP with the addition of a NACA duct and fit in original window mount. The NACA ducts fits a 3" hose. Weight is 3 lbs per pair. Quarter windows are...

  • NACA Inlets Part# 66Nd, pair

    NACA Inlets Part# 66Nd, pair

    These Clear NACA air ducts can be added to windows, hoods and bumpers with fasteners or an adhesive. These NACA ducts are designed to fit a standard 3" hose. Priced and sold in pairs.  

  • Porsche Car Tie Downs Part# 172

    Porsche Car Tie Downs Part# 172

    These high quality aluminum tie downs are a "Must Have" for the person that trailers their car. It eliminates straps around the shocks etc. Just a simple "Click" with your car hold down strap and your car is safely secured. They are a straight design and...