911 Hood Conversion Long/Short ‘65-'73 Part# 21SL

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21 SL
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This is GT Racing's duplicate of the original "Long" hood complete with mounting hardware for the stock hinges and the correct mounting point for the stock latch on short hood 1974-1998 911's.  It boasts an ultra strong foam core and composite multi-layer construction on the outer section or "Hood Skin" which is Vacuum Bagged for superior strength and light weight. The inner hood stock type re-in-forced frame is then bonded onto the outside skin in a jig. This long hood is designed with an inside short hood back brace so that you can still use the existing latching mechanism on your '74-'98 911 through 993 Porsche. Perfect for backdating projects where maintaining the existing latch mechanism is important. Fits GT Racing fenders (part #27, #28 and #29). Average weight is 11 lbs. Original stock hood is 42 lbs.