Porsche 914 Parts

  • Porsche 911 Door Latch Kit

    Door Latch Part# 20A

    This is the ultimate replacement door latching mechanism for the weight conscience Porsche owner. While designed to be used with aftermarket type doors in race cars they can also be used with modified stock doors. This kit was originally designed for the...

  • Porsche Hood/Deck Lid Pins Part# 26A

    Porsche Hood/Deck Lid Pins Part# 26A

    These high quality hood/deck lid pins utilize a single action latching and unlatching clevis pin mechanism made from Stainless steel. The Pin measure 7/16" in diameter and 4 1/2" from bottom to pin opening. Sold and priced in pairs.

  • NACA Inlets Part# 66Nd, pair

    NACA Inlets Part# 66Nd, pair

    These Clear NACA air ducts can be added to windows, hoods and bumpers with fasteners or an adhesive. These NACA ducts are designed to fit a standard 3" hose. Priced and sold in pairs.  

  • 914 RSR Spoiler

    914 RSR Spoiler Part# 87

    This unique 914 spoiler features a large 15" x 5" oil cooler opening and brake cooling ducts. It is designed to fit under the stock type 914 porsche bumper, GT Racing Part#88s or GT Flares. Approximate weight 6LBS

  • 914-6 GT Front Bumper

    914-6 GT Front Bumper Part# 88

    This lightweight 914-6 GT front bumper comes with the mounting brackets installed on the bumper to fit in the stock mounting location. It is designed to fit with GT Racing lower bumper valance Part# 89. The oil cooler opening measures 3 1/2" x 20" when...

  • Porsche 914.6 Valance

    914-6 GT Front Valance Part# 89

    This is the original light weight 914-6 GT front valance designed to fit with the GT Racing Part #88 GT front bumper with oil cooler opening. This parts is made from hand laid fiberglass and is very light and strong.

  • 914 front hood with headlights and supports.

    914 Hood with Lights Open Part# 93

    This open lights stock style hood fits all 914 models. It has an ultra strong foam core and composite multi-layer construction on the outer section or "Hood Skin" which is hand laid. The inner hood stock type re-inforced frame is then bonded onto the...