986 Big Mision Motorsports Boxster Quarter Panel Skin, Driver Part# BMM630 DR

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These quarter panels were the Brain child of Big Mission Motorsports. Big mission Motorsports is a great group of folks dedicated to racing, having fun and giving back to the community. When BMM approached GT Racing, they were frustrated with having to deal with the cumbersome task of taking a clunky, heavy steel quarter panel off of a donor 986 Boxster every time they happen to bump or get bumped into by another car. So, we decided to make these outside quarter panel skins to easily replace the dented up steel panels. They were made from donar quarter panels that weren't perfect but, perfect for track car folks who realize that eventually they are going to get hit. Not only will these panels lighten up your 986 Boxster race car, but they are fairly easy to repair at the track with a little fiberglass! This quarter panel is the Drivers side only. Approximate weight is 6 LBS. For every Big Mission Motorsports quarter panel sold, GT Racing will donate $50.00 to the Big Mission Motorsports charity funds which include Semper Fi Fund, Cancer Research Institute, The Salvation Army El Paso County!